Thursday, August 28, 2014


Today is a better day….the choking fear is gone and slowly being replaced by numbness…I will take it!

It could be that I slept for a change or…at B.C. Cancer Agency I was led to a private room, placed into a recliner, tucked under a warm blanket and listened to a Diana Krall CD with the lights down low…while the drug raced through my system turning me radioactive for six hours.  No…I didn’t glow in the dark when I turned my lights out last night!

Today was the CT scan…done with tests…my arms are black and blue and I don’t think I have a spot from fingers to shoulders that have not been poked or drained.  My bowels finally stopped bleeding…making being nauseous and tired worse…tomorrow all the chemicals should be flushed from my system and I can start the recovery process.

I want to thank my family and friends who posted words of encouragement and…even those who did not because of respect and giving me room to breathe and come back to myself…I am on my way there.  I think when the test results are in and I again know my enemy…I will be able to take charge and fight through.

Not quite swimming yet…strongly treading water…and yes, I am not alone.  I feel you all in the water with me floating, treading…some with water wings on and some on rafts…but, with me.

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