Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Insoimnia is driving me nuts.....

I am on so many pills right now....Meniers Disease, A-Fib, Prednisone etc., etc. and no sleep.  It is like the old days when I was swinging from the trees on Dexamethasone. 

Treatments were going really good.  I had an awesone CT Scan result at the beginning of March...everything is stable and shrinking.  Then I had a treatment on March 24th and I crashed.  Major dizziness, nausea, weekness and super tired...no energy.  I got a phone call from my oncologist at 10:00 telling me my kidneys had stopped filtering and I was to go back on high doses of Prednisone and get blood tests every day for 10 days.  Not impressed!

I was scheduled for an ultrasound and it came back....no stones, no damage but, no one knows what is going on.  One day my kidney level may be down and the next day it is through the roof again.  I am now going every second day for bloodwork. 

My treatments for April 7th and 21st were cancelled and we had tentatively scheduled the next one for May 5th.  According to the doctor two days ago...that is not going to happen.  He did reassure us that I am still on the program and when and if we get my kidneys functioning...treatments will resume.

So, my life consists of visiting the "vampires" every second day....not sleeping...so flipping tired and week all the time.

To add insult to injury...we got rear-ended in February.  So now we are dealing with insurance companies,..car got fixed and I am off to therapy for my neck and right shoulder.  When the seat belt retracted it wrenched the heck out of it.  As if that wasn't enough some jacka*ss tried to break into our RV in the compound.  Couldn't get passed the deadbolt...love old reliable RV's.  But, they did destroy the door and a new one is on it's way.  I have a dream catcher in the window in the door and the repair shop ordered a blank door so they can transfer my window to the new door.  Wonderful people at Cottonwood RV.

No plans other than caming in between hospital labwork.

Just swimming!