Sunday, March 22, 2009

Really, I am still here...

Feeling tons better. Antibiotics got my white cell count back to normal. Heart and kidney ultrasounds came back normal. All I have to do now is to have a test once a month, for three months, to see if the bacteria has left my system.

I have been working on the wedding invitations for my friend's daughter. I can finally post a picture of it as Jen has seen the final version and given her full approval. I am also in the process of making an engagement card for her (which I will also post the picture when I am done).

Had a great weekend with my brother and sister-in-law who came from the Okanagan to see the "Humdinger" RV show in Chilliwack. We spent the day going through every camper, trailer, 5-wheel and RV they had there. Man, were there a lot and was I bushed at the end of the day. Home for a hockey game and food and more company. Slept the whole night for the first time since I got sick!!!! Up early and out for brunch and after some hugs they were off to go back home.

The sun is shining, hubby got in a quick run on the motorcycle, I balanced our check book and it was a super day. Back to work tomorrow - crap!

Oh well, hope everyone had as wonderful a weekend as I did.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still here....

It all started with hubby's brother developing lung cancer at the tender age of 48. When he was transferred to hospice care we decided to take a trip to visit him. It was a wonderful visit with two other brothers surprising us being there. The four brothers joked and visited and it was a wonderful day. We were half-way home when we received the call on our cell phone. Patrick had taken a turn for the worse. We continued home and it sadly, became a death watch. Patrick passed away in the small hours of Wednesday morning and the service would be the following Saturday.

Not to be outdone - while visiting Patrick I picked up some bacteria that caused a bad case of the flu and went straight to my bladder and then on to my kidneys. By the time we arrived on my sister's door step Friday I was severley dehydrated and pretty sick. While hubby attended the funeral I was at a local doctor's office. My sister was correct - severe dehydration, kidney infection and after blood samples I was put on antibiotics.

Nope - I don't do things in half measures! The bacteria I picked up was not known for going to the kidneys but to heart valves! Wonderful...lovely news. So, after two weeks of trying different antibiotics I am finally responding...though still really weak and tire easily. Now I have to wait for the ultrasounds on my kidneys and my heart to see if there is any damage...

I have looked at a couple of books - but still no strength to do much else. I have wedding invitations that need to get made so, hopefully, I will feel better soon.

Hope everyone else is having better days than I am.....I refuse to give up. I will be back card making soon.