Sunday, June 24, 2012

OMG....I have been pinned!

I am sitting here in Kelowna, B.C. at an RV Lifestyles seminar....currently in a class on blogging.  I thought I could pick up some pointers.  Surfing...blurfing...googled my blog name and found out I have been pinned on Pinterest.  Does that mean I have arrived???

I am blown away that my little corner of the world is interesting to others.  I am humbled!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh "crap"....

One word in my dictionary recently....Diverticulitis.  Not my favorite word by far!  Oh let's see...not only is it a "crappy" (literally, folks) illness but, some say I can't eat my favorite foods...peas, beans, popcorn, corn, nuts, coconuts, cucumbers.  I mean, come on...what kind of life is it without strawberries or bbq'd corn on the cob?

Three rounds of double-dosing antibiotics and I am finally getting to the end of only has taken three weeks and a couple more left to recover.  I am flat on my butt, can't even find energy to make a card.  All at the same time trying to keep the house tidy and staged for selling.  Mind you...not really a bad thing as I don't even have the energy to make a mess!

That takes us to today and another word in my dictionary...Retirement!  Yahoo!  I am done!  I figure by the time I have the energy to return to work I will be out of a job anyway....phased bells fanfare...just a hug and thanks for 21 years of service.  Oh well...too tired to care!  No more alarm more making more driving in rush hour traffic.  Oh more car accidents!
Plenty of time for crafts!

Oh yeah, they are packed and at the bottom of the storage locker.  I still have my Copic markers, glitter, peel-offs, some punches and my Gazelle to play with.  I now have the time to finally get the new motherboard installed and play with "print 'n cuts".

I am taking online Copic classes with Suzanne Dean (Scrapbitz) and I started my class last year figuring I had plenty of time to get it done...yep.  What do they say about best intentions?  Life has a way of getting in the way....weddings,  Once I get feeling better I will get started on it again...lots of money tied up in these markers...I really need to learn how to use them.

Off back to lie down and try to pick up the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy!

Have a great day!