Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth....

I am still here...still crafting.  Time just has a way of getting away from me.  We have been so busy we hardly have been home to do anything.  Camping season is upon us and most of June and July are booked solid.  Also, my dad had a stroke and that meant traveling to see him in the hospital and spending time there.  He is doing much better and I got to talk to him on the phone tonight.

I have taken pictures of cards...just need time to get them posted.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Craft Room Reveal…

Finally, got my craft room together.  It’s not perfect but, in another month or so it will be finished.  I still have to get a better storage system than the ugly plastic shelving units I am currently using.  So here goes…..

The first ones are….my closet.  We only have two bedrooms so we purchased a Credenza Cabinet Bed.  I had it against one wall but, it seemed to over power the room and took up too much space.  I had two shelves and my lateral filing cabinet in it and ended up with “dead space” on each side…not happy.  I measured and the bed fit perfectly in the closet!  On either side of the cabinet I am hanging things from the rack using S-hooks and clothes hangers…perfect!  Hubby hung my ink pad storage racks.

Going clockwise…behind the door hubby built a stamp rack.  Little did I remember…..I have more stamps than room so…I need to figure out where to put the rest.  They are scattered in drawers and clear storage boxes right now.  I am hoping to get the seasonal ones packed into Iris cases and stored away until I need them. 

The two hanging pics….I took a class on scratchboard and it was so much fun.  I have to touch up the upper one but, I love, love them.

The next one is one of the ugly shelves:  Top is storing bits and pieces and my air brush system, next shelf is all my unmounted stamps and wafer dies, next is my embossing folders, Bigz dies and bits and pieces, next shelf is my ribbon drawer and more bits and pieces, the bottom is the dregs…mainly my photo box lights etc.

The top shelf is holding my glitter and bits and pieces, the next shelf is stamps and more seasonal stuff plus my paper pads, the next shelf is some of my 12x12 paper, next shelf is 3d sheets (yes the file box is full!) and other stuff, the bottom shelf is stuff I have to unpack yet and more stamps (some seasonal…some needing a home).
The rolling cart holds my card stock…soon to be replaced by a decent paper storage system.  The angled shelf is holding my Copic sheets printed from I Like Copic Markers…the next shelf holds my scraps of paper stored in clear bags and stuck in the basket…at least they are filed by color!  The next shelf is my 8.5 x 11 and the bottom shelf is more stuff I have to unpack.  The white rolling cart is crammed full of stuff I need to sort out.  When I unpacked I just shoved into any drawer and I will sit down, sift and toss, and re-organize (winter project when camping season is over).

This is my craft desk.  I have my “most used stuff” in the drawers…paper cutters, stickles, pan pastels, water color paper etc.  My tools are in the round-about on the far left corner.

My Ikea corner computer desk.  The back board is magnetic and I have all my Tim’s small dies on the right side.

Next to it is another Ikea shelf that I picked up at a garage sale (not sure if I am keeping that one yet).  It is holding more of my 8.5 x11 paper, glue dots, tape, pop dots, paper pads, books, etc.  The drawers are full of “need to sort” stuff also.
My printer cart just came and we need to tune it as I roll it a lot and it is not the sturdiest thing in the room!

The last wall holds my MS punches and the cabinet is storing my scanner and my Gazelle.  The Best Storage cabinet…left is my paper craft stuff (eyelets, brads, flowers inks etc.), the middle is my sewing stuff and more craft stuff and the right is all my beading supplies.
Well…it’s not perfect but, it works for me.  I need to fine tune it by re-organizing everything and get rid of the shelves.  I am looking at Ikea dressers and..as most of my stuff is stored bulky…it may just be what I need…then I can label everything and I can stop opening every drawer in the room trying to find something!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Phew….we are moved!

Finally, the move is over and we are in the process of unpacking.  I think we are close to 95% done now….just the seasonal stuff to go through like Christmas.  I will do that when the time comes.  I think we have taken 15 boxes to the thrift store!!!
Yesterday and today I have been unpacking my craft room.  I have an idea of what I want it to look like but, I am not sure if it will work or not. 
In the meantime….I just unpacked boxes and shoved them onto shelving units to clear the floor up.  I need to put my Best Craft Organizer together (I bought the triple unit) before I can start to really put things away.  You wanted to see pictures so….here they are:

Doorway is to the left…first pile is my wire jewelry toolbox topped with my sewing toolbox and the box of computer stuff on top (I badly need to format my computer).  Storage shelf top to bottom:  Un-mounted stamps, bits and pieces, stamp and punch sets.  Next shelf holds die cuts, Nestabilities etc.  Next shelf holds ribbons, Stickles and stuff.  Bottom shelf holds photo box lights embossing folders, embossing powder etc.  Next to the shelves is an old Ikea hutch that is holding stuff,  most of my 8.5x11 paper, punches, magazines, Big Shot etc. 

Next wall with the window:  My filing cabinet is holding projects ideas, card ideas, tutorials etc.  I always print them off and down the road I am going to sort them into binders.  I have part of my wire rack sitting there holding my 12x12 pads of paper temporarily, my scanner with my Gazelle sitting on top (for enquiring minds….my cat loves to visit me and sit on my scanner so my hubby made a wooden cover covered in carpet so he will not hurt it).  Under the window is my craft desk (not a keeper…new one coming).  The rolling cart under the desk holds 12x12 paper and 8.5x11 paper until the new storage system is built.
 Next to the desk is my printer stand.  On the next wall is my computer desk (also not a keeper).  The shelves hold most of my seasonal stamps and punches, spare ribbon rolls, more punches and stamps.  Behind the two wooden cassette racks that hold my ink pads is my Copic air gun, box with all my hand made paper and rolls of background paper, all my glitter and my dremel tool set. 

Last wall is the closet.  Behind the door on the left is my Pergamano, needlepoint and basket of scrap paper.  The closet holds most of my beading supplies.  It is just a mess of beads in boxes and other miscellaneous stuff.  My copics are on the right shelf.   The two pictures to the right of the closet are from a class I took at Be Creative…..Thomas Kincaide stamps, stampscapes, Marvy inks and scratch board.  I had so much fun and love them so much I framed them for my wall.

This is it….I can’t believe I have so much stuff.  Don’t ask me to make anything as I really have no idea where to find anything!  Hubby is vacuuming the carpet and we are going to try to put the Best Craft Storage unit together.  Should be interesting….actually, through the whole move and unpacking and organizing we only had one fight.  For anyone who knows us….that in itself is a miracle!!!