Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anybody out there.....?

I see my "Total Page Views" climb like crazy (from 96,000 to 110,000) and it got me to wondering....hmmm....I know family and friends read my blog but, I can only assume that people I do not know are reading it too.  I mean, I know my family is big...but, not that big!

I guess I am wondering if I am reaching someone out there who is just as scared as I am and if I am helping in any way.  This blog is for me to feel but, if I am helping someone else then I am glad.

Yesterday - the day started with labs to see if my Neutrophils were up.  Went to sit in the lounge until time for my appointment and noticed blood on my arm...not clotting.  Back to the lab for a cleanup... more pressure...another bandage....back to the lounge.  Round one of chemo yesterday...took long enough to find a vein that would work...krippeee!

While we were waiting to go in I noticed a lady with a couple of friends with her.  Not much privacy in the waiting room and I couldn't help overhearing that it was her first day of treatment and she was worrying about losing her hair.  During the number of bathroom trips (the usual..drip, drip, pee) and noticed they had her in the back corner sitting with her chemo buddies.

Treatment took so long and Rick needs to eat on time so...we decided to stop at the restaurant in the hospital.  I noticed her sitting outside of Starbuck's and...I had to stop and talk to her.  I told her going bald was no big deal (I had taken my hat off when I got into the hospital).  She said that she noticed I was rocking the bald head...she also said she bought a wig for this.  I told her I had a number of them and just couldn't be bothered wearing one.  She asked what cancer I had and I told her lung...she mentioned she had breast cancer and during a follow up CT scan they found ovarian cancer and so she had gone from being the chemo buddy for her friend to being the one who needed the chemo buddy.  We showed each other our good luck charms and then we wished each other well and went on our way. 

Today, I go back for chemo and this time I am going to ask if I can find out when her name is and when her next chemo is set up for...I would love to go visit and see if she is rocking the bald head...she could probably use some cheering up about that time too. 

So, getting ready to head back to the hospital for round 2 and I am swimming.

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