Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Don’t count me out yet….

First of three doctors…this one today was the thoracic surgeon….PET scan results are in.  Cancer has not spread…it is still only affecting my one lymph node and the same spot on my lung.  The two spots discovered just before treatment started do not “ping” under the PET scan…chemo seemed to have taken care of them.

The spot on my lung has shrunken a bit…from a twoonie to a loonie…to me, not very significant…the lymph nodes by my heart had no change.  So…no new cancer spots, no growth but, not much shrinkage either.

She is going to consult with my radiation oncologist to discuss surgery.  She feels I may be a good candidate (i.e. young and healthy) for surgical removal of the cancer.  This of course, all depends on how much radiation I had and the possibility of scar tissue obstructing things.  If I received the maximum dosage of radiation…surgery is not an option.  Fingers crossed.

So where do we go from here?  I see the chemo oncologist on September 10th, the radiation oncologist on the 17th and the surgeon right after on the same day then we will know what treatment, if any, will be suggested.

Still swimming!

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