Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There are times...

You know, there are times when being a Canadian really sucks!

I have been all over the internet surfing for paper compatible with Copic markers. Quite a number of blogs recommend Georgia Pacific - I have one sheet left from a very old package. Staples used to carry it but no more. Apparently Georgia Pacific is no longer in Canada. I suppose I could order it off the internet but we all know how much the shipping is going to be - I think not!

Back to the internet - ok, Prism Papers is also preferred. Again, no one locally sells it - I mean I thought Vancouver was a major city!!! I could get it back east but the shipping....

Back to surfing the internet - ok, Neenah Paper. Wonderful, there is a local supplier> give them a call> talk to sales> "oh, you only deal with wholesalers not retail. What's that? Staples can order it for me?" - off to Staples - "what, they are not one of your suppliers?" This is ridiculous.....

I have one more place to try tomorrow. I do not want to spend a fortune on my hobbies. I know there are alternatives out there but I really resent the price being asked for some products. Right now it ranks up there with the price of gas!

My rant/vent for the day. I feel a bit better - I would feel a lot better if I could find reasonably priced paper tomorrow!

Go Canucks Go!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day and the sun shines in your neck of the woods.



mitch1066 said...

try an art supply store........where did you get your copics from?

Catrick said...

I got some Copics from Be Creative in Pitt Meadows and some from Country Lanes in Langley. I also have the complete selection of Bic and Sharpies (prefer the Bic - see After Hours Stamper for her video on how to make Bic act like Copic).

As to paper - I have spent the whole day yesterday talking to supply stores etc. and surfing the internet. I can get Copic paper but you are paying a premium for the paper.

The next best alternatives are Prism Paper and Neenha Paper - the Prism is back east (shipping costs!!!) and the Neehna is available from wholesalers who will not sell one package (250 sheets) to me - they want me to buy the case.

I have not given up!