Sunday, April 19, 2009

New cards added...

Finally got my camera downloaded to the computer and I have uploaded pictures of cards I just made.

I was spending my usual Friday at Be Creative (for Bob's cookies and the coffee) and Heraldine mentioned the Artist Trading Card day would be happening and was I interested in that. I had never heard of it so, I went home and "Googled". Not much information was available and after a bit of research I think this is an area that I don't know if I am interested in. I guess I need to do more research. I do, however like making the little cards and I will be making more as gift cards. Here are three that I have made so far:

It seems sad news is all around me lately. Our daughter-in-law's mother passed away. It is really tough on her as she is pregnant right now and really misses her mom. We can't be there physically for her, but we have been keeping in contact giving her daily "cyber" hugs. I came across this picture of a teddy bear crying and I just had to put it together in a card for her: I QUIT! I have tried and tried but I can't figure out how to get the inside of the card to show landscape and not portrait!!!

Then my boss's friend lost his wife. His daughter is also a friend of our receptionist - of course, I offered to make a card for her. I had just seen a card on "No Time To Stamp" and it inspired me to create this one:

Have I said "I love my Cuttlebug"? Well, I really, really, really love my Cuttlebug. I am having so much fun with it!

Okay, I have a friend whose daughter is getting married and I, of course offer to make her wedding invitations. She says "what do I want?". I tell her to "Google" the internet, find a picture of what she wants and I will see if I can make it. So off she goes and lo and behold she returns with a picture of what she wants. Alrighty now!!! How do I make this heart? I try foil - crap and looks like crap too! I buy red satin - nope don't work. What do I do now?

Hold on, what is my favorite technique right now - Burnished Velvet? What excuse do I need to use this technique - NONE! So off to Google we go for heart clip art. We find what we need (with a bit of tweeking by a graphics program) and it works.

Uhmmm, lady you have two gibbled wrists...and you are going to create 40 - 60 hearts and cut them out by hand? I know I posted earlier "I love my Silhouette, I love my Silhouette" so I do not need to go into that story again. Here is the finished product:

Well, that is enough for today. I still haven't eaten supper! I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


Sharon said...

What a post full of beautiful creations! LOVE all your ATC's - they are such fun little works of art to create! So sorry to hear of all the losses being sufferd -- you have created some gorgeous cards to give to your family and friends. And I LOVE your wedding invitation -- just beautiful - you've been so busy -- TFS!!!


mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hey Neighbour!

These are such gorgeous cards. I love all the details on your ATCs and the Colour! stunning! There's a free photo editor online at If you rotate your photos in there, they should load to blogger ok. Basic bare bones photo editing is a feature I sure wish they had in blogger! It's worth it to turn your head to look at these though, I love the idea of those inserts! :O) mel

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom,

It seems you have comments today, so hopefully it's working. I am testing this for you, but I love love love your lady bug!!!!!! (thought I'd comment).I just had my blood taken, I feel like garbage (5 vials) so off I go to rest now..
Love you!

Catrick said...

Thanks Mel for the advice. I have no idea what happened between my computer and Picasa. All the original photos are in landscape mode. Nice to meet someone from around here.

I live in River Springs but my hubby says I actually live either at Michael's or Be Creative!!!