Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Not quite....

Was on my way out of what I thought was my last chemo for awhile and the nurse tells me they have me scheduled for chemo on the 17th...hello, I will be on a cruise ship!  Then she said they could reschedule it for the 24th...hello, I am going to Las Vegas!  Left a couple of messages for the chemo nurse and for Dr. Keith to call me back but, no one did.

So...Monday morning we got up early and drove to the hospital to see what was going on.  Apparently, it was up to Dr. Keith...something about delayed chemo?  Anyway, they were surprised that no one had gotten back to me and they would definitely find out what was going on and call me.

As we were waiting for the elevator, Dr. Keith got off...walked past...turned around and came back asking if I was comfortable talking in the bet!  I had it wrong...chemo is ongoing...treatment every three long as I keep responding.

I guess the last CT scan ended up resulting with me still stable and continuing with Pemetrexed every three weeks on a maintenance plan...I really like the words "stable" and "maintenance"!  We talked about the confusion with the dates and that we booked our vacation.  He said it was okay to take a we fly to Fort Lauderdale for a 7-day Caribbean cruise...we get back on the 24th and off to Las Vegas on the 29th to December 3rd.  When we get back it is xrays and labs and chemo on December 9th.

I can't wait to sit on a sandy beach drinking something cold and frosty with my feet IV's in feeling crappy...normal...just plain old normal!

Looking forward to where I will be swimming.

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