Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It's a wrap!!!

Tomorrow is my last chemo treatment in this round of six.  It was supposed to be last Wednesday but, I ended up with a stupid Diverticulitis attack and landed on anti-biotics Cypro and Flagyl...heavy duty drugs...not good with chemo.

So, tomorrow morning is chemo...right after lunch is LRHT and then we play the waiting game again.  The CT scans keep showing some spots gone, some spots micro larger and some spots stable.  Not too sure where we are going from here but, will have consults with doctors (chemo and naturopath) to see what our game plan is.

In the meantime...I am going to get my energy level back and head off on our cruise on the 12th.  We had to miss the Panama cruise and it was our idea...I have earned this!  I want "normal" for awhile.

Besides...I need to celebrate.  The radiation oncologist gave me two years....still here!  The chemo oncologist gave me four months with no treatment to eight months with...still here!  You bet I am still here!

Swimming, diving, blowing bubbles...

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