Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I met a man today….

I was going to bitch about chemo….complain about the acid diarrhea, complain about the nausea, complain, complain, complain….

But…today I met a man on “O” radiation floor wrapped up on a stretcher…he had bare feet and a nurse found him a pair of booties.  When everyone left I called out to him, “You know…everyone is going to want a pair of those”.  He got up very slowly and came and sat closer to Rick and I. 

We got talking and he has esophagus cancer which spread to his lungs and now into his bones.  We got talking about bucket lists and his trip back to Portugal to visit family…I shared my story about Talia and Dory.  He said what gets him through this with a positive attitude is his family (teen boys that have just left the home) and his friends.  He has been told he has about six months left and he wondered if he would live to see his 59th birthday in November…I told him to never give up.  They called me into the room and I said goodbye…all I got is his name was Terry.

On the way home, Rick and I talked and he said to me, “You were good for him”.  I think it was the other way around.  I don’t know my outcome.  I don’t know if I will live a long life or be gone in six months.  What I do have is hope.

I have a rubber stamp that says “Some people come into our lives and quietly stay.  Others stay for awhile, leaving footprints in our hearts and we are never the same”.  I am glad I met him and my prayers go with him and his family.

Just keep swimming.



Unknown said...

Hi. Thinking of you as I walk the line today. Trying to get in 10km each shift. Took a rest at 5km to read through your blog posts. Felt out of touch and it was nice to read through all your recent posts. You're right you do look a bit like your dad lol. By the way you're a great writer! Perhaps there's a book in your future. You are an inspiration to all. Keep swimming. Looking forward to seeing you in July.

Catrick said...

Thinking of you on the picket line....go teachers, go! are in my head when I I have my punctuation this spelled correctly?