Friday, June 20, 2014

7 Days And Counting….

Seven more days of radiation.  Starting to feel like a piece of meat being cooked in the microwave…cooking from the inside out!  Huge red rash that looks like a bad sunburn.  I am now doing four saline baths per day and using tons of lotion and sunscreen.  It has been helping.  However…one downside.  I had to remove my good luck necklace as the heat from the sunburn was heating the metal of the necklace and burning me.  It is now attached to my oncology bag with the rest of my good luck charms.

Second round of chemo three days in a row…feeling slightly nauseous but, the meds are working right now and I am eating and drinking fluids and that is the main thing….ain’t going back to the hospital if I can help it.

I thought I would show some pictures from the Look Good Feel Better conference we had where we got to play with makeup….  


 Me in all my glorious baldness!!!


Photo bombed!!!
Little too much rouge for me but, still looking good!!!

Thought I would share what kind of friends I have….just had my head shaved and this is what they leave for me under Room 2028 and above Nurse:  Barry (who was awesome by the way)…  Also, beautiful flowers from my dad and stepmom and they are still going strong!


Anyway, positive day today…feeling pretty good and the current is with me right now…swimming stongly!

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