Friday, October 26, 2012

Is this really crafting????

Just wondering….I mean…I know die cutting, stamping (hand or digital) etc. count as crafting a card but, what about using photographs?  I guess some could say that this does not make a hand made card (crafted) but, I totally disagree. 
So…I think these are awesome and I loved working with the photograph I found on the internet because it was exactly what I was looking for for these cards!

The colors are so rich and perfectly compliment each other.  I even found a sentiment that suited the image perfectly.  I love them!
I follow Gina K. Designs and her Stamp TV blog.  When she showed a video of “soot stamping” I had to run out and buy a candle and stamps.  This is soooo much fun and you really, really have to try it….just Google “soot stamping”…it has been out there for quite awhile.

Granddaughter is too young this year (only 6 months) but, the two grandsons are just at the right age (3 and 2).  This card is so much fun to make.  I mounted the ghost on a wobble spring and they are going to just love them!

I saw this pumpkin on Pinterest and I just had to make one.  Crap…my Tim Holtz rosette dies are packed!  What do you mean I have to do them from scratch?  Out comes the score board and after making six of them…my hands were really sore from creasing.  I needed to add some shading and Distress Inks are perfect for this.  I love, love, love them…and…the neighbor had a vine hanging on our side of the fence that was perfect for sitting one on for photos!

IMHO…crafting is crafting is crafting…no matter what your source materials are.  As long as you put it together yourself with love…it is crafting!
Happy Hallowe’en!!!


beejay said...

This is crafting for sure and you did a great job! Found your blog from the Bosskut forums and am a new follower. I have a new granddaughter too and your baby posts are adorable! Thanks for your tip regarding the sticky drawers on my Gazelle!

Catrick said...

Thanks beejay....much appreciated