Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My God....

I can't believe it...20 followers and over 23,000 views.  I am touched that people are interested in my hobby and/or my life.

I really hate this part...the wait...the expectation of the house selling.  I feel like the dreaded "stage mom" pushing my child into people's faces.  It is only a house but, for 14 years it has been my home.  The other day I sat down and counted and I have been in this house longer than any other in my whole life.

I really hate this part...I tried to work on a wedding gift for our nephew and....crap....my stuff is packed!  So, I am off to my LSS tomorrow to beg and hopefully Heroldine will bail me out and cut a couple of dies cuts for me....sheesh!

I am currently sitting in a very tidy, quiet home.  Hubby, dog and cat have gone ahead to the campsite.  I drive up tomorrow and then I sit my sick butt (I am sick...not my butt) in my gravity chair and soak up the sunshine!

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