Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel....

It has been a long process....painting, cleaning, packing, storing boxes to get this house ready for selling.  We are in the last bits of staging with photos happening on Saturday and the "For Sale" sign going up on Monday.

It didn't help that our pregnant daughter decided to give birth early.  Her one and only saving grace was....after four grandson's we really, really wanted a girl and...we got one.  She is an adorable tiny button and to quote her 20-month old brother....cute! 

I really miss crafting!  I have been taking some classes to dabble but, no way to really put things into practice. 

When we took the last load of boxes to the storage locker my youngest son started to laugh because now my crafting supplies were buried at the bottom of the pile. There are times that children suck and I can understand why some species eat their young!

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scrapfancy said...

I so love your bottom quote. Funny and also Congrats.