Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo Tent

I got really tired of having to photoshop all my photos...trying to find a good setting...and, tired of waiting until a sunny day to take pictures of my cards etc.

I "googled" DIY photo light boxes and tons and tons of ideas and instructions appeared. I went with the one here. It was not difficult at all and I think my photos are turning out great.

I modified it a bit by opening up the box on one side so it laid flat, sprayed glue on it and glued white poster paper on top of it. This way, I had a perfectly white interior. I then cut out the window holes, put white medical tape (all I could find) around the window edges and corners of the box where the brown of the box shows and taped tracing paper over the edges. I then cut poster board to fit the inside and I now have a light box. I also bought blue, black and gold so I could change my background if I wanted.

I bought two cheap ($10.00) lamps from Canadian Tire and the daylight true colour light bulbs for it. I am playing around with having my standing Ott lamp shine down on the top to see more about shadows. Given time, I think I can end up with professional quality photos for my blog.

This picture is not so great as I took it with my broken camera but, it is good enough that you can see the setup with my new camera.

It gives you an idea of what it looks like.

Hoping you are having a dry day!


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