Saturday, June 26, 2010

Copic Marker Storage...

I have been searching, it seems like forever, for a Copic marker storage solution. I know a lot of posters like the "cubby" style of storage but, I like my markers in colour chart order --- and portable. I was keeping them in the standard Copic marker container...but, I have three of them and that meant multiple trips if I wanted to work in a different room.

One day I was blurfing and I saw a post how one person likes hers in a storage crate. Well, off to Michael's I go and storage crate. However, they did have a beautiful basket that was perfect in size. I put some of that non-slip material down and it holds all three of my copic containers. All my colours are in perfect (for me) order and I love that I can just carry it from room to room now.

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