Friday, February 5, 2016


What does one do when one wakes up at 1:00 a.m. and it feels like I had a shot of Red Bull and can't sleep....I go to the craft room and usually surf the internet. Last night I decided to gut and de-stash and re-organize everything including temporary labels...I don't have as much as I was worried I have and what I do have is now organized and labelled and so much easier.  Now I know what I have and can craft better.  I will replace the temporary labels with chalkboard ones later after everything is done and finalized....still may shift things around.

This is still the current mess. I have to clean some of the garbage up and figure out the last little stuff on the table.

Love, love my new paper shelves...color coded and everything.  Left side is card stock...right side is patterned paper.

I just need to sort and organize the far right which is all my beading supplies.


I adore this dresser from hold my embossing folders....dies....unmounted stamps, acrylic inks and the bottom left is deep enough for file folders.

The punches and stamps on the floor will be up for sale on Frazer Valley Craft Sight

I have to format this flipping computer as something went wrong when I went to Windows 10 and back to 8.1 cuz half my stuff was misiing....going for a clean install up to Windows 10 and try again.

Merrily swimming!

Off to finish this mess


Unknown said...

looks good auntie :)
and that is 10x more organized than my shit show garage lol

Chris Arlington said...

OMG ! I love this. I am just taking a break from purging stuff in my craft room. Mine looks nothing like yours. It's still a big clutter. I am overwhelmed big time. When I think of what I've spent I can't believe how indulgent Dave is. I told him he should have set ground rules. You have no idea how many counted cross stitch kits I have. I still would like to do them but, I can't start till this mess is cleaned up. I will be looking forward to your blog updates for inspiration. Big hugs, Chris