Tuesday, January 12, 2016

May the force be with me....

Today was day one of ten days of radiation....going to nuke these puppies right out of my head.  I had a very positive meeting with my naturopathic oncologist.  We went over the CT results and good news...the two lesions are no where near my cortex so...my functions will not be impaired (okay, quit laughing...I am not already impaired).

We are putting the LRHT treatments on hold for my lungs and nailing my brain cancer with five of them.  Dr. Parma says my lungs are stable enough to hold off and...they are already "primed" to receive the treatments so...apparently, they will get residual affects from the brain treatment....two this week, two next week and the last one on the final day.

Not feeling too bad...tired.  The swelling in my head doesn't seem to be going down fast enough... trouble with my vision...floaters everywhere.  Seems like a lot of pressure pressing on my eyes and the headaches are settling down to just aches but, the doctor increased my Dexamethazone to three a day hoping to get this taken care of.

So...my Buck Rogers ray gun is up and running and I am merrily swimming.


Unknown said...

God bless auntie we love you

Unknown said...

God bless Aunty we love you