Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Ok...first round of chemo is going good.  I have had little to no side effects (I even still have hair)...a bit of nausea but, I am on top of it.

We had our meeting with the Naturopath oncologist Dr. Parma and we are going ahead with the treatments at the same time as chemo.  So...on chemo days I go to the hospital to get my chemo meds and then over to Fort Langley for intravenous vitamin C and Loco-regional Hyperthermia treatment (LRHT).   One can find the information on the treatment here.  I return on day three and day five for repeat treatments.  So far so good...the last CT scan shows the cancer is stable.

They also offer total body heat treatment and I had that one on Thursday.  One lies in a "tent" with one's head sticking out and the body temperature is raised to fever pitch (simplistic description).  It took just over four hours for the temperature to be raised up...leveleled and then lowered.  I bought an IPOD shuffle and had eleven Garth Brooks albums loaded so...I was good.  IT WAS HOT!  The only thing uncovered was my head....socks, gloves, arms...everything else covered.  When ones comes out one is super weak and tired.  I think I slept the rest of the day and then Friday all hell broke loose!

Fours kids, three grandchildren and two spare dogs came home for Easter.  Then...throw in one mother-in-law, nephew and fiance and we were crowded. was fun cuddling...easter egg hunt...early birthday gifts.

Today....I am doing laundry, getting ready to leave tomorrow for the funeral.  Not looking forward to it but, I am swimming...and yes, dad, drinking my tea.

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