Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Yesterday was the meeting with my chemo oncologist, Dr. Keith.  At least he was more upbeat about everything.  Yes, I have spots in both lungs.  Yes, it is now stage 4 cancer.  No, do not go on your trip.

So...I am scheduled for a repeat CT scan, this time including the pelvic area.  He also wants a bone scan done because I have developed shooting pains in my shins.  And, a lung biopsy to see if the new spots are indeed cancerous and what kind.  Each kind of cancer (pancreatic, ovarian, breast, lung, etc.) have their own sets of chemo.  Hopefully, all the tests will be done within the next two weeks and I go back for a followup on the 10th of February.  Dr. Keith cautioned me that the spots on my lungs may be classed as too small for biopsy and we may have to wait for that.  I would like to know...what is "big enough"?  How big do they have to be and what effect that has on my survival rate?  Limbo!

We talked about complimentary treatments...mainly the hyperthermic ones.  Dr. Keith, in his opinion, felt that they would not work on non-small cell cancer that has metastasized.  The National Cancer Agency reports that there are numerous trials going on with the treatment in conjunction with radiation and chemotherapy with promising results.  I postponed my appointment with the Naturopath until I receive the results of the new tests.

This morning I sat on the phone calling our travel agent to cancel the trip.  Next call was to the hotel in Fort Lauderdale cancelling our reservation.  Last call was to airlines to cancel our flight.  I got lucky and got the "trouble-shooting" agent.  He cancelled the flight with no fee and is refunding the full amount back. 

I am starting to downsize my craft supplies and listed two of the larger items on Craigslist (my Copic air compresser and my 132-set of Prismacolor).  Hopefully, they will sell fast as I would like to buy the smaller (48) set of Prismacolors.  I am ordering some furniture for the room and as I pack things up I can sort through and list what I want to get rid of.  I am not looking forward to that process but, I am looking forward to no longer being overwhelmed with it all and get back to what I love to do.


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