Friday, December 5, 2014


What exactly IS normal?  It can be so different for each person.  For means not having chemo and radiation shove it down my throat every day that I have cancer.  For means after two months - starting to rebuild my energy levels.  For means having my hair start to grow back - even thicker than before!  For means for November and, up to now not even thinking about having cancer....just being!

I even got into my craft room and produced three sets of wedding invitations and now working on Christmas cards (pics to follow when the invitations have been mailed out in order to keep the surprise).  I am too scared to jinx anything by getting my craft room furniture but, I did buy a cabinet at Ikea to be used as a cutting station...tired of having my cutter on the floor and bending over to cut anything...or, to not have a place for my Big Shot and plates.  Now I have a designated cabinet and I will post pics...hubby is putting it together on Sunday.  I even have energy and I am planning on doing some Christmas baking...yeehaw!

Twelve days until my CT scan...then two weeks to get the results on January 7th.  Our payment deadline for the Panama cruise is the 15th and we have to renew our passports...fingers crossed...swimming merrily!

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