Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Guys won’t get this….

Monday…ultrasound…gotta pee at 9:15…then…I gotta drink 32oz. of water and not go pee until the test is over.  Do you know how many speed bumps and potholes between our house and the hospital?

When I had the PET scan done they found a cystic lesion in my right pelvic area and the drug they gave me to show up the cancer “pinged” it.  So, I had an ultrasound to find out what is going on.  She scanned and scanned and finally asked if I would agree to an internal ultrasound.  So, I said “yes” because I got to pee!

Now girls…this is where one gets to take a lubricated wand (half way between a tampon and a dildo) and insert it yourself into your “wahoo”!  Much better imaging…ok.  She scanned the left side, top and bottom and got to the right side and stayed there….picture after picture after picture….and…I got scared.

I called the doctor’s office as soon as I got home and left a message for her to call me.  She called yesterday and it is suggested to have a CT scan of the area.  She told me the cyst was sitting on top of my ‘one and only’ ovary and that it had shrunk since the last scan…that is good news to me….cancer grows not shrinks!

So, she is supposed to contact my chemo oncologist to add the pelvic area to his already scheduled CT scan on the 20th.  Just one more scan to go through and I can relax.  He is scanning my abdomen (now pelvic area too), chest and head.  I will breathe better when I am told there is no other cancer in the pelvic, abdomen and brain areas and…the cancer in my lung and lymph nodes has not grown.  The purpose of the scan was to size the cancer so they can track it shrinking during treatments.  Hubby thinks they will tell me whether I have a brain or not….there are days when widowhood looks good!

Adding a new one to my mantra list…Rascal Flats “I Won’t Let Go”. 

Just keep swimming!

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