Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I find there are just too many people out there who will steal someone's creative work, claim it is their own and submit it to contests and challenges.  Sheesh...give me a break!
I'm not talking about "casing" a card...I am guilty of that as I do not have a creative brain cell in my brain.  I however, do not submit that card to a challenge or contest.
So...today I finally "Googled" and found a simple, easy method of creating a watermark and I will be using them from now on...especially as I would like to start selling my cards.
Today's card is for my 92 year old father for his birthday.  I have seen this card a few times on the internet.  I did not want to spoil a deck of cards so...I searched for images for the four cards and printed my own on card stock.  For the background, I found a clip art on the internet and duplicated it until I had my own background paper.  Then, I scrunched the paper up...flattened it out and distressed it with Vintage Photo.

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