Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ribbon storage solutions....

I am tired! I am sore! I am done!

I have spent the past week and all weekend (minus a few shopping sprees) cleaning and sorting and organizing my craft room. I have let it go to pot ***pause while we wait for the cat to figure out how he is going to lie in front of the monitor***. I was busy making wedding invitations for my nephew and niece-in-law and the room got away from me. Plus, I was making purchases and not putting them away.

I like to have everything detailed in a binder because my hubby calls me "the Queen of returns". I have a tendency to purchase more than one of an item. I now have a binder with all my dies, folders, pens, inks, punches etc. listed so I do not buy two again. However, buying things means putting the details into the binder I was lacking in energy and time doing so, they sat on my work table until I finished last night.

I also admit to being a ribbon hoarder and I ran out of room. I had my ribbons sorted into colors and stored in shoe boxes but, I was up to ten shoe boxes and no room left for more purchases or storage. Along comes Becca from Amazing Paper Grace and an organization tip from her.

I searched until I found the proper 3-drawer storage unit and I wrapped and I wrapped and I wrapped until all ten boxes were now confined to one small drawer unit....which.....inspired me to reorganize and resort what I did have.

This is the ribbon system I now have.... Hubby says supper is ready so, I am off!

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