Thursday, August 27, 2009


Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and seen no fear....I mean...eyes that say they are past fear...past hope?

That is what I saw when I first held Abby in my arms. Abby is a spaniel/terrier(?) cross. She is around one year old and we just adopted her. We heard about her from my niece-in-law. We were sitting around the table at my sister's house and talking about a show we saw on Animal Planet about a lady in Las Vegas who was hoarding dogs. The dogs had to be taken away from her and the pleas for help went out. Her local rescue group answered the call and was at the local pet store earlier in the day with six dogs. I was shown their website and I fell in love!

Abby is a miracle...actually, if it wasn't for the fast thinking of the rescue group, Abby would not be here. They went down to Las Vegas to pick up six dogs. One of the dogs was unable to travel and they saw Abby and included her in the mix. You see, Abby was at a "kill shelter" where they can only keep them for three days.

Abby was a stray...she has had a litter of one knows where she came from, how she came to be lost and where the puppies are. She was picked up on Saturday...Tuesday the rescue group showed up to get the dogs and Wednesday Abby was slated for euthanasia. She most definitely has a guardian angel.

She was so matted she had to be shaved and her fur is growing in patchy...she had an ear infection and she clawed her face so bad she is on antibiotics and has a cone to keep her from scratching (but, she is healing nicely). She has been spayed so no more puppy mill problems for her!

We went back to my sister's on the weekend to visit Abby at the shelter. I got to hold her and we even got to take her back to my sister's house for a few hours. You need to understand sister does not like dog hair...she is allergic to animals. Abby got to ride in her fancy truck...she took one look at Abby and started calling herself "Auntie" and telling me "You just have to take her, she is your dog, you can't leave her behind". That's the power this dog has over people!

Abby carries a "stuffy" around like a baby so you can imagine she misses her puppies. It is difficult with the cone but she picks the "stuffy" up and rests it on the cone and walks around with it. She sits, walks on a leash, is incredibly gentle with children and even plays fetch.

I can hardly wait until Sunday when she arrives at our home and can finally grow into the beautiful dog she is meant to be...we call her our "Vegas Showgirl"!

I wish everyone a sunny day and that you may have wonderful ideas.


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