Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Entry Into The Big May Copic Giveaway

I was this close....I am serious! I was this close to throwing out all the Copic markers I have purchased. Man, I was up passed midnight last night struggling with bleeding colors. It didn't matter what paper I used or ink (embossed or archival) my colors still bled. In my head I went over everything I learned in my Copic Lesson and I swear, I was doing what I was supposed to.

I dug out the binder where I have every single Copic Posting (took three printer cartridges) from Marianne Walker (I Like Markers blog) and I read and read. I was doing exactly what she said to do. I was doing exactly what Debi said to do - nope, not even close to the same result.

I quit! I give up! I HATE MARKERS!......I packed up my markers and my little bits of test papers and I marched over to Be Creative to natter at Heraldine. If it didn't matter what paper or ink....then the problem was with me. What was I doing wrong?

Of course, in my hour of need, Heraldine had left the building (so had Elvis but he would have been no help anyway). Iris was there...but even better! Kyle Wingfield, the Copic Guru, was there! Okay, okay. In my best attempt to duplicate what I have learned I was over-saturating the paper. I mean, doesn't Marianne say to "Saturate, saturate, saturate"? I think Debi said the same thing too!

I took what Kyle told me, went home, dug out my paper, markers and digital stamp and started anew. This time I went slowly and carefully and lo and behold I have a picture that only bled a tiny, tiny bit. Not bad for my second attempt.

So, why am I pulling out what little hair I have left out? Why am I stressing myself out so much? Why am I snapping at a poor defenseless DH who has broken his wrist? All because Marianne Walker posted a link on her blog to "The Pen Addict"...and like a puppy I followed the link and got caught!!! Her friend has a blog and I got caught here like a fish on a line!!!

There is a contest to win a Copic package.....all I have to do is to do three things:
1) Prove I will put these Copic markers to good use by showing I have a blog ---can do!
2) Create an original artwork ---yeah right, who is he kidding (see above)?
3) Write a blog post why I want these Copic markers ---again, can do!

Hey, two out of three aren't bad!

This is my blog, here is my artwork:

My reason why I think I should win? After the day I have had I deserve them! AND, if I can do this card using Bics, Sharpies and Copics (because that is all I have and the rest of my Copics have not come in)...think what I could do if the whole picture was done with Copics!!!

The card is a "get well" card for a friend who has ALS (man this disease sucks royally). I did not want a traditional, sappy card. I wanted something simple and tasteful for him and Dustin Pike (see here) came through again for me with a perfect digital stamp. This simply states inside "Hang in there! We are thinking of you".

I hope I win. I hope everyone had a better day than I did. Hey, it can only got up, right?


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