Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Scrapbook paper storage....

OUCH! I have got my shelves together. Watch out for those zap-straps! I have cuts on both hands from these things. I finally got smart (after I got two cuts), went to the garage, raided my hubby's tool box and came back with pliers and cutters. I used the pliers to pull the zap-straps tight and then I cut them.

What the instructions didn't say was to do one complete row at a time and make sure all straps are really tight before cutting them off.

As soon as I have the mess (papers, books, tools etc.) cleaned up I will post pictures of my shelf and new crafting area.

I should never have started "Googling" crafting areas. I only wanted information on how to store punches - which led to "how to store stamps", which led to "how to store ink pads", which led to "how to store paper" and it snowballed from there. However, I am really excited with the progress I have so far.

Only one problem - I will be going to all this trouble when it may need to be dismantled in a couple of months if we decide to sell and move!

Oh well, at least I will have a few months of happy crafting before that happens. Hope everyone is having a great day...

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